After nearly a year of isolation and window visits, our residents haven’t had the opportunity to stand face-to-face with their beloved loved ones. We are proud to say our facilities and residents are now opening their doors to family members once more.

Now that our team members and residents have received their COVID-19 vaccinations, we have updated our visitation guidance to reunite families safely indoors. Our amazing residents have stayed strong during the pandemic and they adapted to window visits with their family members, FaceTime video calls during holidays and virtual celebrations.

As care providers we need, and embrace, full family involvement to truly deliver wholesome experiences. Having our families back in the picture on-site, with their smiles and hugs, adds immeasurably to our program. I’m so excited that our industry is starting to get back to ‘normal’…finally! We hope it continues forever and we are excited to greet each of our extended family members in person!” – Mordy Polstein, Chief Operating Officer, Eden Senior Care.

While our residents and their family members still need to wear properly fitted masks, stay 6 feet apart and practice good hand hygiene, we are very happy they will finally reunite!

To our residents, we appreciate you for staying strong and being patient with our teams. To the family members, thank you for your understanding. To our team members, we thank you for trying your best to keep our residents safe and for doing the best you could do to keep them connected with family members through screens, entertaining them, and being by their side.